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Canaries (4 years)

Unique, age-appropriate learning experiences are the framework of Educational Playcare's pre-kindergarten Canaries program, with exposure to science, math, arts, language, and other skills. Some of the skills your child will be working on in the Pre-K program include participating in teacher-led group activities, managing transitions and following rules and routines. They will also be working to develop skills in areas such as counting, sorting, creating patterns and identifying some printed words.

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Canaries Lesson Plan
Curriculum Activities

Developing literacy skills in preparation for Kindergarten is one of the primary goals of our Pre-K program. To reach this goal, we infuse math and/or literacy activities into each of the learning centers. We also engage in circle time each day during which we learn about the theme for the week, share stories and songs and expand our learning as a group. Each child is expected to participate in circle time for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. The ability to remain focused and sustain attention will help prepare them for Kindergarten.

Communication between parents and teachers is always a top priority. Parents receive a daily electronic report which includes each of the days activities, projects and discussions. In addition, informative bulletin boards displaying the curriculum, calendar, menus, notices and other important information can be found outside each classroom.