Educational Playcare Read with Me

This optional program extension is designed to promote emergent reading and writing comprehension. Families love the convenience of having their child participate in a literacy program right at the school, avoiding the need to travel after work or on the weekends.
We offer a variety of fun and stimulating activities to help children identify letters, comprehend sounds and words, and develop best practices to support early writing habits. Each lesson takes place in a teacher-led, small group setting with the intention of enhancing the emergent literacy skills that children are already learning as part of our EPiC preschool curriculum.
Fast Facts:

• Students receive 2 twenty-minute classes each week.
• Sessions are 4 weeks long.
• A reading book will be provided to your child at the start of each session.
• After each class, a worksheet will go home to describe your child’s progress.
• Workbooks go home to you at the end of each session.
• Students receive individualized instruction with no more than 3 children per teacher.
• The cost is $100 per 4-week session.

In addition, each preschooler receives one complimentary lesson to gauge their interest before committing to a session.
Our priority is, as always, ensuring the health and safety of our children and staff. We have put into place a rigorous system of cleaning and sanitizing, including the use of our Zono machine, accompanied by thorough hand washing practices.
As well, we have adapted our routines and environments to facilitate physical distancing. We are strictly adhering to all of the guidelines established by our regulatory authorities and have even implemented additional practices to create a comprehensive list of best protocol to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our schools.
Children and families absolutely love our reading program, but don’t just take it from us. Read what our families have to say!

  • "My daughter has been enrolled in EP’s Read with Me program for about two months now and I have noticed a huge difference, not only in her knowledge of letters, but also in her desire to learn. She loves to point out letters and is always asking about words and letters we see at home. The one-on-one attention she receives from her teacher has given her new confidence and her writing ability has improved greatly. I would recommend the program to anyone who is interested!" - Brian Park, Farmington
  • "Our daughter began in the EP Read with Me program when it was first offered at the center. Being an educator, I was thrilled about the opportunity for my child to receive targeted instruction in a small group setting, especially by Ms. Kathy, a teacher she already has a strong relationship with. Watching her grow and progress from identifying the letters in her name, others’ names, saying all her letter sounds, and now begin to sound out words to read readiness level books has been incredible to say the least. Beyond these skills that will undoubtedly serve her well as she enters kindergarten, what is of the most importance to our family is the confidence she has developed as a learner, the pride she possesses when she shows us what she knows, and the commitment she has shown in taking on the challenge of learning new things. We cannot thank Ms. Kathy and EP enough for offering such a great program to their students and families!" - Melissa Ross, Ellington
  • "I cannot say enough good things about EP Read with Me. Not only does my son enjoy and look forward to going to the class, his letter recognition and writing skills have improved tremendously. He genuinely has a LOVE for learning how to read. He is always practicing at home and trying to teach his little sister. I’m so thankful for this program!" - Rachel Kisson, Oxford
  • "Jack's favorite part of school is his reading class. Miss Kathy has been so patient and thoughtful in how she has been teaching the children. Jack loves to tell me the letter of the day and has made swift progress in learning to write his name. We are so fortunate to have Miss Kathy working with the children in the reading program!" - Kate Copeland, Ellington
  • "I just can’t believe how much Catherine has learned. She brought home a letter Z yesterday and I turned it over to see her full name written with all the correct letters, facing the right direction. When she started, she barely knew half the alphabet and now she can write her entire name. I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with her growth." - Cassandra Miller, Oxford
  • "We love the EP Read with Me program! We appreciated the fact that Brady was able to try it out for a couple sessions to gauge his level of interest before committing to signing up. He loves it! He is proud to show us his worksheets. Since starting the program, he’s started pointing out letters he recognizes in signs, books, and as we watch Wheel of Fortune. What he learns at EPC we are able to reinforce at home, which is exciting for all of us to do together. Thank you for offering the program!" - Ali Anderson, Ellington
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