5 Crafts for Remembering Your Summer Fun

5 Crafts for Remembering Your Summer Fun

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5 Crafts for Remembering Your Summer FunSummer is always a fun time for you and your family. Some families may go on a vacation to a new place or an old favorite, and some families enjoy going on shorter adventures throughout the summer. The one thing that these have in common is that you are guaranteed to make wonderful memories together as a family. So why not hold onto those memories a little longer or make them last a lifetime with a few simple crafts to capture them? At Educational Playcare, we love when our families are happy and enjoying themselves which is why Fun is one of our Core Values. Here are 5 craft ideas to help you and your child remember your summer fun!

Whether you went on a weeklong vacation, or did many different activities throughout the summer, document your adventures in a scrapbook-type photo album. Print out pictures from your different trips, visits, or fun activities to put in the scrapbook. Decorate each page with fun stickers, your own drawings, or write down each family member’s favorite memory from that day!

If your family likes the idea of remembering your fun times through photos but didn’t actually capture enough to create an entire photo album, print off the photos that you have and decorate picture frames for them or create a shadow box.

Some families may prefer to enjoy a creative activity during the actual trip. If that is the case, create a travel timeline. All you need for this craft is a line of string or yarn, a hole punch, some drawing paper, drawing tools, and a few paper clips. An added bonus? It is mess free! Before you leave for your trip, install the string in your car like a clothes line. Have your child or children draw pictures or write short stories about each milestone of the trip. When they are finished, hang on the string with a paper clip. A good first picture to start with is of your own vehicle with everyone inside smiling and excited for the trip!

If your family doesn’t mind potentially getting a little messy, try your hand at making your own stepping stones. You can typically buy all the materials in a kit at your local craft store and it will come with step by step directions to make it. You can personalize the stepping stones by writing in the cement.  You might write the name of the place that you visited or the date, or draw a picture that reminds you of it. You can also add items to the stone before it dries. For example, if your family went on a beach trip, add shells that you found on the beach.

Another great idea is for your family to create a treasure chest of memories, similar to a time capsule. Simply use a small box or storage container with a lid and add treasures from your trips and adventures. These might include postcards, a journal, pictures, souvenirs – whatever pieces your family wants to treasure to remember your special moments together! Don’t forget to decorate the box as well!

What are your family’s favorite ways to reflect on your summer memories?

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