5 Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

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5 Spring Cleaning TipsSpring has finally sprung, and with the weather warming it is the perfect time to open the windows, roll up your sleeves, and get a start on spring cleaning! Before we start enjoying the outside as much as we can, it may be a good idea to tackle the inside of your house by cleaning and getting things back in order after a long winter.

Here are 5 tips that will not only get your house clean but help keep your family organized help you save time.

  1. Create a plan and stick with it. Even though families may want to move through the house as quickly as possible, we suggest coming up with a plan that allows you to spend a decent amount of time going through each room or area in your home. Whether it takes one day or an entire week, move at a pace that works for your family and schedule. By creating a plan to spend a certain amount of time in each room or area of your house, you can focus on really cleaning and organizing each space. Families may also want to create a list of items you want to go through, clean out, or organize for each room to stay on track.
  2. Get the whole family involved and make it fun. Cleaning may not be your typical family activity, but it is one way to spend quality time together. At Educational Playcare, having fun is one of our main goals, even during every day activities. Making cleaning and organizing more fun can be as simple as playing music and busting out your best dance moves while cleaning or sharing a fun memory for some of the items you are discarding or donating. Families can also make cleaning a game by having a race for who can do a certain task the fastest or most efficient, or you can give each family member points based on different tasks and whoever has the most points by the end of the day can pick a fun activity for the whole family to do.
  3. Give everything a home. It’s easy in the rush of everyday life to put things anywhere they fit in order to keep the house clean and tidy. Take the time to go through different items in the house and give them a proper home. Once established, ensure that going forward, those items are always put back where they belong. This will not only save your family time from searching for something they need but it will also make cleaning up a breeze.
  4. Use technology to your advantage. If you have paperwork that you need to keep but prefer not to waste storage space, take advantage of your phone and computer. Scan and save documents to your computer so that they are stored in one place, organized how you need them, and easily accessible. We suggest saving a backup of your files on a flash drive that’s kept in a safe place. You can also browse the app store on your phone to see what organizational apps are available that would work best for your different needs.
  5. Give back to your community. At Educational Playcare, we strive to give back to our community as much as we can. It means so much to us, that Community is one of our Core Values. When families are going through toys and clothes, don’t just look at what items can be thrown away. Many items will likely still be in good condition, but just aren’t used anymore. Consider donating these items to a local shelter or charity. Going through these items with your children provides a perfect opportunity to teach your children about giving back to their community.

If you are also going to be cleaning your house – washing, dusting, vacuuming – be sure you are aware of how easily your children can get their hands on any cleaning products you use. Be sure they are kept in a cabinet or closet that has childproof locks or are too high for your children to reach.

What spring cleaning tips would you suggest to other families?

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