8 Indoor Activities the Whole Family Will Love

8 Indoor Activities the Whole Family Will Love

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8 Indoor Activities the Whole Family Will Love

At Educational Playcare, we ensure our students have fun rain or shine, which is why “Fun” is one of our Core Values. Don’t let having to stay indoors keep you from having fun! Below are 8 great indoor activities the whole family will enjoy!

  1. Children love to use their imagination, so why not spend the day enjoying fun process-driven art projects. Families can even display everyone’s projects in one place in the house and host an art show.


  1. Bring Quack Pack, our arts and enrichment program, to life at home with music and movement. Your activity can be as simple as having a dance party. Put on everyone’s favorite song and let out some energy. You could even create your own dance routine as a family!


  1. Take your music and movement activities up a notch by making your own instruments. Use everyday items around the house to create your own instruments and create your own songs or put on a talent show.


  1. Build and create with STEAM-inspired activities. At Educational Playcare, we understand that it is never too early to introduce STEAM learning to children, which is why we encourage STEAM activities in our learning centers. Rainy days are the perfect time to explore and discover new skills.


  1. Have an indoor scavenger hunt. Create a list of items that can be found throughout the house and go on a scavenger hunt. Whoever finds the most items from the list gets to pick the next fun activity for the family to do.


  1. Play dress up. Dramatic play is a great rainy-day activity that allows families to really use their imagination. Create your own costumes and act out a favorite book or movie, or come up with your own play.


  1. Host a “Book Fair”. Set up a special little area to display their books – especially those they haven’t read in a while – and set up a “book fair” for them to attend.


  1. Cook a meal or bake a treat together. Give your children age appropriate tasks such as mixing ingredients or decorating baked goods. Follow us on Instagram or Pinterest for great family-friendly recipes.

What are fun activities your family enjoys together at home?

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