Academic Subjects in Preschool Curriculum

How Academic Subjects are Incorporated into a Preschool Curriculum

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Academic Subjects in Preschool CurriculumThe National Association for the Education of Young Children, (NAEYC) which promotes excellence in early childhood education and accredits child care centers, issued a position statement on preschool curriculum that says curriculum should be “thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging, developmentally appropriate, culturally and linguistically responsive, comprehensive, and likely to promote positive outcomes for all young children.”

Preschool is a time of rapid growth and development. High quality preschools incorporate academic subjects into their curriculum in order to introduce young children to the basic concepts that they will need to understand before they can delve deeper into academic subjects in kindergarten and throughout primary school.


Preschools incorporate a reading curriculum in which young students learn to identify letters, are read to frequently, and look at books and magazines. They learn a variety of new words, learn how to identify sounds, and begin to learn how to read and write.

Math and Science

When it comes to math, preschoolers learn to count and use interactive resources such as puzzles, pattern blocks, and scales to learn about number recognition, number sequencing, matching, sorting, and memory.

Preschoolers are introduced to science via hands on experiences and experimentation. Topics include magnetism, color, light, sound, and basic fundamentals of physics and chemistry.

Social Sciences

Many of the books read to preschoolers introduce them to social studies. They learn that the world we live in is filled with many different cultures, lifestyles, and environments.

The Arts

Preschools are strong in fine arts, with children singing, dancing, and creating original works of art, including paintings and drawings. In addition to providing a creative outlet, drawing and coloring activities strengthen fine motor development.

With the introduction of academic subjects, preschools lay a foundation for a lifelong passion for learning that will lead them to bright futures. Reading, math, science and technology, social studies, and fine arts are just a few of the many subjects that children are exposed to in a high quality preschool program.

Before you select a preschool for your child, check out the school’s website, visit them to get a look at how the curriculum is presented, and meet the directors and faculty who can give you an idea of the specific academic subjects covered in their program and how they will prepare your child for the years ahead.

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