Arts and Enrichment Programs: Music and Movement

Arts and Enrichment Programs: Music and Movement

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Arts and Enrichment Programs: Music and MovementWhen researching high quality childcare centers, there are many aspects to consider, but it is important that families pay close attention to the type of environment their child will be in during his or her time there and what kind of curriculum is followed. There should be opportunities for dramatic (pretend) play, creative art activities, building and construction activities, and opportunities to be read to, just to name the basics.

Just like reading, writing, and math, arts and enrichment programs are essential to a child’s growth and development. Music and movement, one of the arts and enrichment programs offered at Educational Playcare, is not only fun, but is very beneficial for children. Children naturally enjoy music and will begin reacting to music at an early age. As they get older, their love of music will bring one of the most obvious benefits of children participating in music and movement:  the release of energy. When children take part in music and movement activities, they are allowed to have fun, be creative and dance around and burn off some energy. When children participate in music and movement activities in a group, they also develop and refine their social skills. They learn to work as a team, they learn to share and they learn how to be creative in a group environment.

Research shows that exposure to music can also improve children’s ability to learn. Music and movement instruction has been shown to improve children’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills and expressive ability.

Other benefits of music and movement include:

  • Developing small motor skills
  • Developing large motor skills
  • Learning to express emotions
  • Improving balance and coordination

At Educational Playcare, we understand the importance music and movement and each week, children receive a 15 to 30-minute lesson filled using with music, stories and activities using Kindermusik’s award-winning music curriculum ABC Music & Me. This program uses multi-sensory approach to teach early music concepts such as lout and quiet, high and low, and promotes group learning, practicing social skills and cooperation.

At home, families can also expose their children to music and movement as well. A family favorite is to put on age appropriate music and have a dance party! Sing and dance together as a family and have a great time! Other ways you can include music and movement during playtime is:

  • Play a fun game such as musical chairs or freeze using songs
  • Create homemade instruments such as music shakers
  • Play with musical toys such as a xylophone or microphone
  • Create song and movement cubes/dice to determine different music and movement activities to do

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