Celebrating Grandparents

Celebrating Grandparents

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Celebrating GrandparentsThe role of “grandparent” isn’t the same for every family. Some grandparents are able to watch their grandchildren during the day while parents are at work, other grandparents visit as much as they can, while other grandparents may not be as near as they like but find opportunities to stay in touch and create a special bond with their grandchildren. No matter how grandparents stay active in their grandchildren’s lives, the relationship they have is special.

Research shows that there are many benefits of children having a healthy relationship with their grandparents. These benefits include:

  1. Another family member who can provide companionship
  2. Someone they feel unconditional love for and from
  3. Another person who they feel they can trust and go to for advice
  4. Someone to help experience family traditions with
  5. A role model who can help find resolutions to their problems

The benefits of having grandparents active in their grandchildren’s lives doesn’t just benefit the children, it also benefits the families. As mentioned before, some grandparents have the opportunity to watch their grandchildren while the parents work, helping families save money on childcare. Grandparents also are a great resource for parents (especially first-time parents) who are looking for advice during different stages and milestones in a child’s life.

With Grandparent’s Day just around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to show the grandparents in your life how much you appreciate them and your special relationship. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate them:

  • Create homemade gifts: Break out the arts and crafts box! We love the idea of creating special homemade gifts for grandparents. Not only are there endless ideas you can come up with, most of the time the creation your child comes up with is adorable or hilarious and make a great keepsake to look back on years later. One gift idea that can be very special for grandparents would be to have your children decorate an apron, oven mitts, planter or cookie jar. This is something that they will use all the time or display somewhere special.
  • Go on an adventure: If your family has a favorite park, zoo or town to visit, plan a day or long weekend and think about keeping up the tradition every year. If your family enjoys visiting new places, think of a fun place each year that the family has been wanting to go to but never seem to have the time. Enjoy visiting your favorite spots or exploring new places and having fun together as family.
  • Enjoy a meal together: Head out their favorite restaurant and enjoy a meal together as a family. If they typically prefer to stay in, invite the family over to celebrate all the grandparents together or keep it more intimate with just your immediate family. Sometimes a homemade meal that was created with love is better than any dish you may have at a restaurant – especially when it gets the whole family involved. Give your children age appropriate tasks and create a special meal for them together.

Happy Grandparent’s Day to all the wonderful grandparents out there! We hope you have a special day!

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