Date Ideas for Parents

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It’s no secret that trying to balance a career, a home and children can be tough. Some things are going to slip through the cracks and take less priority over others. One of the most common items in a person’s life to take a backseat is their relationship with their partner.

We understand that some days by the time you put the children to bed, there’s barely enough energy left to talk about your day, let alone keep the chemistry alive between the two of you. That’s why it is so important for you and your spouse to spend time together, enjoying each other’s company outside of your other responsibilities as employee, homeowner or “mom” and “dad”.

Here are 10 date ideas regardless if you want to stay in or venture out:

Staying Home

We understand that you and your partner may not be ready yet to leave the baby alone or it’s tough to find someone to babysit. So what can you do when you still want time to yourselves?

  1. Romantic Dinner – Plan to enjoy a romantic dinner together. To enjoy your evening together even more, you can dress up a bit more than usual, cook the meal together or even spruce up your dining area with a more romantic feel.
  2. Movie Night – Put on your coziest clothes, snuggle up and watch that movie you both really wanted to see in theaters and has now been available on DVD for months. Or settle in for a long night of binge watching that new series on Netflix that everyone keeps talking about. Make sure you stocked up on plenty of popcorn and your favorite snacks to enjoy!
  3. Board Game – There’s nothing like a little friendly competition between spouses. Dust off your favorite board game or card game and see who really is the best at Uno or Monopoly.
  4. Indoor Picnic –Instead of formally eating in your dining area, set up a small picnic in your living room and enjoy! Don’t have time to get all the picnic goodies ready prior to your planned date? Order in or so you can spend more time together and less time doing dishes!
  5. Do a Project Together – Is there a room in the house you’ve been meaning to paint or have you been putting off starting your garden? Spend the day tackling your “to do” list! Some couples really enjoy working on projects together, so even if you can get away just the two of you for a simple errand like grocery shopping – take advantage!

Venturing Out

For those of you who are able to get a babysitter so you are able to venture out of the house, here are some great day or night activities for you to do.

  1. Dinner & An Activity: Make reservations at your favorite restaurant or the new place in town you’ve been meaning to try and then head off to do something fun! You could go out and see a movie, play mini golf, catch a show or burn off the dessert you couldn’t pass up with a little dancing!
  2. Couple’s Massage – If you and your partner can only get out for a few hours and are looking for extra relaxation, head to a local spa and pamper yourselves with a couple’s massage or any of the services offered.
  3. Take a Class – This is a perfect opportunity for you and your spouse to try something new! Take a cooking class or try your hand at a fun, laid back painting class.
  4. Explore – There might be plenty of fun activities for you to try right in your own backyard or you can take a day trip to visit a new area. Check out local museums or visit the beach and take a stroll along the water.
  5. Go to a game or concert – Have a favorite sport’s team or is your favorite artist coming around? Go cheer or sing your hearts out!

Parents, especially new parents who are still adjusting to parenthood, all deserve a little down time. Regardless of if you are staying in or venturing out, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy your time together.

What are your favorite date activities?

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