Encouraging Your Child’s Passion

Encouraging Your Child’s Passion

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Encouraging Your Child’s PassionMost parents want to help their children discover what they love and are passionate about. By fostering your child’s passion, you are helping them develop lifelong skills. When your child is passionate about something, they are motivated to learn because they are excited. When things become complicated or they hit a road block, they are more likely to work through the issue and development problem solving skills. Research also shows that when a child is passionate about a topic and learns more about it, they are likely to do well in their academics in general, regardless of if it involves the subject of their passion. By encouraging your child to learn more about what they are passionate about, in turn, it will have a positive impact on their cognitive skills.

Some children will be passionate about one subject, and some children will be passionate about a few different subjects. If you aren’t sure your child has found their passionate yet, or you’re unsure what it is, watch your child and observe what they gravitate towards and seem to take an interest in. Talk with your child about their day and what activities they did or subjects they learned about and take note of what they seem to get excited about. Some families will try different activities or subjects to see what their child seems to be most interested in. Most importantly, families should provide encouragement for their children to try new things or to pursue something they feel passionate about.

If you know your child loves a certain sport, activity or subject, here are some ways to encourage their passion:

  • Talk to your child: When someone is passionate about something, think of how much they love to share what they know. Have conversations with your children and as a family about the things you love.
  • Books and toys: Find books and toys about the topics your child loves. This is a great opportunity to help them in areas they aren’t as passionate about. For example, if you child isn’t as excited about reading or math, involve things they are passionate about to help them learn and practice.
  • Get involved: If there are classes, clubs, or teams available, enroll your child, or even the whole family to join! Check out local happenings to see if there are any local events taking place that you can bring your child to. Your child will love the opportunity to share their passion with others.
  • Strike a balance: Families love to see their children inspired, but be sure that you do not push your child too hard. They may burn out or become disinterested in the subject if they feel too much pressure to learn and be successful in that one subject.

What ways does your family encourage your child’s passion?

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