Family Activities to Do During the Colder Months

Family Activities to Do During the Colder Months

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When we think of the spring, summer and even fall months, many fun outdoor family activities come to mind. When it comes to the winter months, it can be much more challenging to think of fun activities, especially ones that keep the family physically active, due to the harsh, cold weather. Most of the time during the winter, children are entertained by technology. Research shows that children spend anywhere from six to eight hours using technology, whether that being using a smartphone, tablet or watching television. Additionally, children are not only devoting a lot of time to technology, but they are usually using multiple devices at one time. Winter is the perfect time put down the devices and take advantage of being cooped up in the house and spend time as a family.

Spending time together as a family helps form bonds and connections that will be with your children throughout life. Research shows that children who spend quality time with their families usually achieve better grades in school and behavioral issues decrease. Children are also more likely to develop positive behaviors such as eating healthy due to more frequent family dinners together.

Other benefits of family time include:

  • Builds strong, emotional bond
  • Allows families to reconnect and communicate
  • Creates happy memories and loving, warm environment
  • Teaches families how to work together as a team

Though the winter weather may limit your options on what activities you can do together as a family, there are still plenty of fun to be had!

Pop Some Popcorn and Watch a Movie

Families could go out to the actual movie theater but it may be even more fun to host a movie night right at home. Surprise your children with a brand-new movie and special treats. To make it extra special, make a cozy movie viewing section in the room by putting cushions, pillows and blankets on the floor for everyone to snuggle up and enjoy the movie together!

Fun, Family Bowling Competition

Again, this could be a family outing or you can have a bowling night right at home. Don’t have a bowling playset? No worries! Use water or soda bottles and a soft ball. For your younger children, this is a great activity to help promote counting by having them count aloud how many pins are set up, how many they knocked down and how many are still standing.

Turn Up the Music and Dance

What better way to get out some of that energy? Put on some of your children’s favorite tunes and dance it out!

Get Creative

Use those imaginations and create a fort in the living room! Use this space to read books together or play games or just relax together. 

Take a Hike

If the season has been mild, take advantage of the weather conditions and go for a walk or hike together. Bring along your pets or use the time to play fun games such as “I Spy” or a nature treasure hunt.

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