Family-friendly Activities for the Fourth of July Weekend

Family-friendly Activities for the Fourth of July Weekend

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Family-friendly Activities for the Fourth of July WeekendIt’s important for families to spend quality time together. Not only do your children love to do activities with you and the rest of the family, but there are many benefits to family time too. Spending time together as a family helps form bonds and connections that will be with your children throughout life.

At Educational Playcare, fun is so important to us that it is one of our Core Values. Here are some fun Fourth of July activities that the whole family can enjoy together this weekend:

  • Sensory Play: Children love sensory play because it stimulates their senses and facilitates exploration. Families can make Fourth of July themed slime or fill a sensory bin with dyed rice, spaghetti, or even red, white, and blue gelatin. If your family has sensory bottles at home, change the theme to match the holiday!
  • Explore Your Community: Your town and surrounding towns will likely have Fourth of July celebrations happening throughout the holiday weekend. Many towns will host a large parade or a carnival that the whole family can enjoy. If your family prefers something smaller, see if your community hosts fun events such as races or storytelling at a local library. These events are great to enjoy as a family and they also provide opportunities to spend time with neighbors and meet new families.
  • Visit the Library or a Local Museum: The Fourth of July is a great opportunity to take your children to the library or a local museum to learn more about the history of The United States of America and about the Declaration of Independence.
  • Art Projects: Creating masterpieces as a family is a great way to spend time together. At Educational Playcare, we enjoy process-focused art projects because they allow children to practice their fine motor skills while encouraging them to decide how and what they are doing. Fun Fourth of July themed process art projects families can do at home include painting using a toothbrush or color-dyed ice cubes instead of a regular paintbrush. Children can make their own firework masterpieces by using red and blue paint and painting with a round dish brush.
  • Baking and Cooking: Many families will likely be attending a Fourth of July celebration, which provides families the perfect opportunity to cook or bake a holiday-themed food for the party. While preparing your meal or treat, give your children age-appropriate tasks so that they can contribute to the celebration, such as pouring and mixing the ingredients or decorating treats. Families can put a Fourth of July twist to everyday foods by using red and blue food coloring in the ingredients. Try using a couple drops of it in your child’s milk for breakfast or even dye your spaghetti!
  • Water Play: Whether it is playing with a water table, enjoying the pool, or visiting a beach, water play activities are a summertime favorite and fun for the whole family. No matter what water activity your family enjoys this weekend, be sure you are taking the appropriate water safety precautions!

What family-friendly activities will your family be enjoying this weekend?

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