Family-Friendly April Fool’s Day

Family-Friendly April Fool’s Day

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Family-Friendly April Fool’s DayChildren are known to love trying to play tricks and surprises on anyone they can just so they can shout, “APRIL FOOLS!”, but why let them have all the fun? Here are some fun, family-friendly April Fool’s Day tricks parents can play on their children or with them!

  • Brown “E”s: Tell your children you made them brownies, but instead, give them “E”s cut out from brown construction paper. After a few chuckles (and maybe a little bit of disappointment) the family can enjoy actual brownies!
  • Colored Milk: Surprise your children with colored milk. Add a few drops of food coloring to the bottom of their cup or at the bottom of their bowl under their cereal. When you pour their milk in, the milk will be white and then change color!
  • Draw Confusion: Switch around their drawers so their pants may be where their shirts normally are and vice versa!
  • Jell-O Juice: Cool Jell-O in a clear cup or glass with a straw it in. Your child will think it’s juice but nothing will come out!
  • Joke Book: Create a joke book to tell your children jokes throughout the day, or create one together as a family. Date the book and the age of your children and make one each year to look back on.
  • Colored Water: Take a Q-Tip and rub food color or child-safe dye along the inside of the sink or bath faucet. Your children are sure to be shocked when colored water comes out!
  • Tricky Tape: Place a small piece of tape over the TV remote sensor or on the bottom of the computer mouse.
  • Upside Down: Your little ones are sure to be confused in the morning when picture frames, toys and more are upside down!
  • Googly Eyes: Add googly eyes to objects throughout the house such as the toothpaste or bags of snacks.
  • Bed Switch: If your children are heavy sleepers, once they’ve fallen asleep, put them in each other’s beds. In the morning, they’ll never know how they ended up in each other’s rooms!
  • Frozen Cereal: Pour cereal and milk into a bowl and freeze it. Your children will sure laugh when they can’t figure out why they can’t get anything on to their spoon!
  • Surprise School Day: Since April Fool’s Day is on a Sunday this year, parents have the perfect “Gotcha!” moment by tricking their kiddos into thinking it’s already Monday!
  • Two Sizes Too Big: Buy your children an outfit that are a couple sizes too big. They’ll find it so funny when they go to get dressed for the day and their clothes are too big. Bonus: They’ll eventually grow into them!
  • Switch the Clocks: Set the clocks ahead a few hours and tell your children it’s time to go to bed a bit earlier than usual. To ease the pain of your trick, enjoy a movie before bed!
  • Parent Switch: In the morning, have you and your partner come down in each other’s clothes. This is sure to get a giggle or two!

What are your favorite family-friendly April Fool’s Day jokes?

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