Fun and Educational Activities for Winter Break

Fun and Educational Activities for Winter Break

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Fun and Educational Activities for Winter BreakThough winter breaks can be a very busy time for families, it’s almost guaranteed that at some point you will find yourself wondering how to keep your children entertained. Here are some fun and educational activities to keep your children engaged during winter break:

Family Fun

  • Movie night: Families could go out to the actual movie theater but it may be even more fun to host a movie night right at home. Surprise your children with a brand new movie and special treats. To make it extra special, make a cozy movie viewing section in the room by putting cushions, pillows and blankets on the floor for everyone to snuggle up and enjoy the movie together!
  • Bowling: Again, this could be a family outing or you can have a bowling night right at home. Don’t have a bowling playset? No worries! Use water or soda bottles and a soft ball. For your younger children, this is a great activity to help promote counting by having them count aloud how many pins are set up, how many they knocked down and how many are still standing.
  • Dance party: What better way to get out some of that energy? Put on some of your children’s favorite tunes and dance it out!
  • Snowman contest: This is a great activity to get your children outside and use their creativity. Host a snowman building and decorating contest and give out fun prizes such as a pass on a chore or pass to choose a movie. No snow on the ground yet? Build snowman indoors with felt fabric on the walls or using and decorating paper plates.
  • Build a fort: Who didn’t love building a fort as a child? Pass the joy along to your children and watch how much fun they have playing in their fort. You may even discover they find more enjoyment playing with their everyday toys just by playing with them inside their fort.

Reading and Writing

  • Visit the library or host a “book fair”: Visiting the library can be a great activity to find new books for your children to enjoy during their break. If you don’t have time to make it to the library, dig up their books – especially those they haven’t read in a while – and set up a “book fair” for them to attend. They can pick out a book for each day they are on break.
  • Story time: You can use the books from the library or “book fair” to help you out with this activity. Set aside some time to read your child’s favorite book to them or introduce a new book to them. If your child is old enough, take turns reading and sounding out words throughout the story.
  • Alphabet practice: There are quite a few ways you can promote letter recognition for children. You can write letters in various places on a paper towel tube and on small stickers and they can match them or you can put a letter on each half of plastic Easter eggs and hide them and have an alphabet scavenger hunt.
  • Handwriting practice: (shaving cream): If you’re up for an activity that can be a bit messy, this can be great practice for your children but a lot of fun, too. On a colored surface (a tray, mat, etc.) spread out shaving cream where your children can draw in letters or words you give them written out on flashcards.

Arts and Crafts

  • Coloring: This is an easy activity that your children may do on a daily basis anyway. To change it up and make it a bit more exciting, give them a special coloring book or special markers and crayons that they don’t normally get use.
  • Painting: Painting can be fun for all age groups. You can have your children paint with paintbrushes to help develop their small motors skills or you can have them finger paint. If you prefer a less messy activity, paint with ice! All you need is colored construction paper and ice cubes! For children who are starting to recognize and learn numbers or letters, write down different numbers and letters in white crayon and white paper and have your child paint on the paper with watercolors. The letters and numbers will appear like magic!
  • Sensory play: These activities are great for your little ones and there are so many different sensory activities you can make right at home! From mixing paint and shaving cream in a Ziploc bag to adding different fabrics and objects on a hula hoop – the possibilities are endless!

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