Get Involved in Mentoring

Get Involved in Mentoring

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Get Involved in MentoringMentoring is one of the oldest teaching methods in the world. Mentoring is really a personal coaching strategy where someone that has a specific skill or subject matter expertise works with another person to impart their knowledge in a very personal and connected way.

January is National Mentoring Month, so maybe some of our readers will consider becoming a mentor in order to help someone to learn a new skill or master a practiced skill.

The Benefits of Mentoring

The great thing about mentoring is that it is a one-on-one learning method. When someone sits down with their children to read them a story and the children followed along with their fingers and said a word they recognized, the person who is reading is being a highly effective mentor.

Since mentoring is one-on-one, the feedback is immediate. The learner doesn’t struggle through multiple mistakes; they are gently, positively, and proactively supported so that they learn how to do the specific task or skill correctly the first time.

However, the benefits of mentoring go beyond just learning reading, writing, and math. It also creates a feeling of connection between life and learning, and helps children to gain self-confidence as they learn and eventually master new skills.

Once you begin to take note of it, you’ll see that mentoring is happening every day with your children. When you teach them how to make cookies or how to use a new computer, you are being a mentor. Children that have the support of a good mentor are much more willing to try new things, to challenge themselves, and to feel good about themselves when they reach a milestone or an accomplishment, even if they had a few difficulties along the way.

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