Instilling Resiliency in your Children

Instilling Resiliency in your Children

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Instilling Resiliency in your ChildrenMost children tend to be good-natured, positive and typically un-phased by the drama that many of us adults experience on a regular basis. However, that doesn’t mean that they are impervious to stress and trauma. Children are sometimes exposed to these negative emotions in the form of neglect, abuse, the effects of a natural disaster, or the death of a loved one.

As parents and caregivers, we do our best to shield and protect our children from unpleasant things as much as possible, but the reality is that we just simply are not able to protect them from everything that the world sends their way. Just like adults, when children experience something sad or negative, they may feel vulnerable, afraid, sad, or lonely.

So what can we do to help children to develop the coping skills necessary to deal with these kinds of feelings?

According to experts, parents and caregivers should start working to instill resiliency during the early childhood years. But how do you go about doing this? First of all, children who come from families who are supportive and caring tend to be more resilient when life throws them a curve ball. When they are surrounded by adults – including both family members and early childhood educators – who are loving, caring and responsive to their needs, they are much more likely to develop the skills needed to face disappointment, sadness and adversity. Experts have also pointed out how important it is that adults display a positive sense of humor in front of their children. These experiences help to teach children to focus on the positive things that are happening in their lives, which can have an impact on their ability to be resilient.

When protective factors like a supportive family, adequate nutrition, and responsive and caring educators and caregivers are a regular presence in a child’s life, they can become more adaptable and resilient beings. These skills allow children to develop a better sense of humor to carry them through life – a sense of humor that will serve them well, even in the face of adversity.

Educational Playcare’s teachers maintain a caring and responsive environment for all children in order to foster adaptability and resiliency.

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