Kid-Friendly Dinners and Events

Kid-Friendly Dinners and Events

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Some families may decide to only host adult only events, however that can make it harder on your guests to attend and join the fun. By hosting kid-friendly events, your guests can enjoy an evening with family and friends, without the worry of having to find someone to watch their children or getting back in time to relieve the babysitter.

Planning to attend or host an event that includes children on the guest list can be stressful. Whether you are hosting or a guest, here are some tips to make the evening run smoothly and be fun for guests of all ages.

When You’re the Host

If you’ll be serving dinner or any type of food, provide a space such as a “Kid’s Table” for the children to eat at. This will allow the adults to be near, provide assistance and keep a watchful eye over everyone, while still being able to enjoy the company of the other adults. Create a fun atmosphere for the children by using themed plates and utensils for them. To keep them entertained while you wait for meals to be ready, use construction paper instead of placemats or a table cloth and let the children draw fun pictures.

Feed the children first. Making sure that the children’s dishes and have prepared and they are all seated and enjoying their meal first allows the adults to enjoy their meals and will help prevent grumpiness from hungry children. If you are going to be providing a meal later in the evening, be sure to have kid-friendly snacks to hold the children over until the main course is ready. If your event is a long one, be sure to have snacks on hand to serve later in the day or evening when hunger may strike again!

Plan fun activities. Whether it’s for just the children or everyone, ensure that you have activities planned to keep your guest entertained, especially the younger ones! Set up a play area for children that include crafts and fun games or plan to watch a movie with everyone attending.

When You’re Attending

If your children are old enough, be sure they understand the expectations you have for them regarding having good manners while attending the event or at dinner. Families can also practice this during family meal times at home or when going out to dinner at a restaurant.

If the person hosting doesn’t normally have children in their home, plan to bring some essentials such as toys and activities to help keep your children entertained. Even though the host may have activities planned, it may be helpful to have your child’s favorite toy or game handy in the event they aren’t as interested in the activities as you would hope.

What are some of your favorite tips for hosting a successful kid-friendly event that you would share with others families?

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