Mother’s Day Traditions You Can Start This Year

Mother’s Day Traditions You Can Start This Year

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Mother’s Day Traditions You Can Start This YearParents have one of the hardest jobs there is – loving, raising, and teaching their children. A parent’s relationship with their child play a huge role in their child’s development. Although we should be sure we show appreciation for our parents every day, celebrating Mother’s Day is a great way to go above and beyond to recognize moms for being present and for taking an active role in their child’s development.

Here are a few Mother’s Day traditions you can start this year:

Create homemade gifts: We love the idea of creating special homemade gifts for mom. Not only are there endless ideas you can come up with, most of the time the creation your child comes up with is adorable or hilarious and make a great keepsake to look back on years later. One gift idea that can be very special for moms would be to create a mailbox to put somewhere in the house and have your children make cards, poems or books that illustrate what their favorite things about mom or what their favorite things to do with mom. These would be great to keep in a scrapbook and look back.

Give her flowers: Whether they are flowers bought from a store, or flowers picked from the garden, mom is sure to love a beautiful display of flowers to brighten up the house and bring Spring indoors. Another great idea is to plant a new flower or plant in your family garden. Children can help with watering the plant and enjoy some quality time with mom while helping it grow.

Go on a trip: Take time as a family and visit a place that mom or the family has been wanting to go but never seem to have the time. You can stay overnight or for a long weekend. Enjoy visiting new restaurants, exploring new places and having fun together as family.

Enjoy a meal together: Check to see if her favorite restaurant hosts a special Mother’s Day brunch and make reservations for the family! If you know she would prefer to stay in and enjoy time together, bring brunch or dinner to mom. Invite the family over to celebrate all the moms together or keep it more intimate with just your immediate family. Sometimes a homemade meal that was created with love is better than any dish you may have at a restaurant – especially when it gets the whole family involved. Give your children age appropriate tasks, and create a special meal for mom together.

Go on an adventure: Each year, plan a fun adventure that will be fun for everyone, but that is more geared toward mom, her passions and things she loves to do and maybe can’t do as often as she’d like. Go on a hike as a family, visit a museum, or catch a sporting event. Think about what hobbies she enjoys outside of her every day responsibilities and enjoy the activity as a family.

“Me Time”: Parents love spending time with their families but every now and then it’s nice to enjoy some alone time. Celebrate Mother’s Day together as a family with a fun activity, but maybe think about giving the gift of “me time” to mom as well! Think of an activity that she would enjoy doing alone or with friends or family she isn’t able to see often and send her off for the day or weekend to enjoy. This could be something as simple as enjoying a quiet afternoon to read that book that’s been sitting on her nightstand untouched or an all-out spa day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mothers out there! We hope you have a special day!

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