Parents are Teachers Too

Parents are Teachers Too

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Parents are Teachers TooFrom a very young age, children are exposed to different people on a regular basis – any of whom might have an influence in how they form their thoughts and beliefs. None of these people, however, have more of an impact on them than their parents.

Many parents don’t see themselves in a teaching role, but the fact is, parents are their children’s first teachers. They teach their children how to walk, how to talk, how to dress themselves and feed themselves, how to be polite, how to be tolerant, and a million other things that shape the people that they will become. And most of this happens long before they’re ever exposed to teachers in a classroom setting.

What parents sometimes forget, especially those who work full-time, is that even after their children have started school, they are still their child’s best teacher. While instilling good morals and values into children is very important, (these attributes shape children into functioning members of society), it’s also important to teach children to think for themselves and to form their own beliefs. Although classroom teachers provide children with a sound educational experience, they are unable to reach a child in the same ways that a parent can.

We have all had different teachers with different styles who taught us different things. But parents are the best and most important teacher that their children will ever know.

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