Parents’ Guide to Help Children Transition Back to Childcare

Parents’ Guide to Help Children Transition Back to Childcare

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Parents’ Guide to Help Children Transition Back to ChildcareWe understand parents may feel uneasy about their child returning back to childcare, especially if they have been out of their normal routine for an extended period of time. Here are some tips to help make your child’s transition back to school easier:

  1. Talk to Your Child: Get them excited to head back to school and encourage them to feel excited to see their friends and teachers. Of course, your child may be feeling anxious or scared to return to school and it is important to acknowledge those feelings and help them understand why they may feel a certain way. Families should also be sure to talk to them about changes they will experience at school such as physical distancing, getting their temperature taken, and teachers and friends wearing masks, so they are not surprised or overwhelmed when they return to school.
  2. Restart Their Routine: Children thrive when they have a routine and with them being home their schedules may have been altered. As much as possible, slowly start to make adjustments that will be more in line with their routine when they go back to school such as their sleep, meal, and nap schedules.
  3. Learning Activities: Families can help children get excited about returning to school by revisiting fun activities their child may have done at school. You can find age appropriate educational activities to do right at home by visiting Educational Playcare’s Learn at Home. 
  4. Don’t Forget About Family Time: One of the reasons your child may not be looking forward to returning to school is because they may be afraid of losing the quality time they’ve had with their family while they have been at home. Even though schedules will be changing, families can still be sure to enjoy plenty of quality time together even if it is simple activities such as preparing meals together, setting dedicated reading or playing time, or going for a walk each night.

Remember that as much preparation you may do, your child may still have a hard transition back to school and may need a few days to adjust back to their new routine. Continue to provide support, talk with your child, and recognize small successes that your child experiences each day.

To learn more about how Educational Playcare has adjusted to the Coronavirus pandemic, or to help you and your child prepare for your return to Educational Playcare, visit our FAQ page.

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