Physical Distancing vs Social DIstancing

Physical Distancing vs. Social Distancing

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Physical Distancing vs Social DIstancingAt Educational Playcare, the wellness of our students, families, and staff have always been a top priority to us, which is why Wellness is one of our Core Values. Over the last several months, we have implemented additional safety measures in our centers due to the Coronavirus pandemic, including all teachers and staff wearing masks, temperature checks for everyone who enters the building, and ensuring our teachers and students are practicing physical distancing.

There is an important distinction between social distancing and physical distancing. At Educational Playcare, we recognize and value the importance of socialization during these critical early years.  For that reason, we are not limiting children’s socialization, in fact, we are encouraging it since for many children, their only opportunities to socialize with peers takes place at school.  Instead, we are focused on encouraging physical distance between children during group activities.  We do this in a few (always fun!) ways:

  • We use tools such as hula hoops to explain how to give each other space.
  • We teach children to greet each other in silly ways that avoid personal contact.
  • We share stories about the need for personal space.
  • We limit the number of children in each activity through fun visual cues.

We are happy to know that our efforts seem to be working because several families have shared stories about how their children are using what they’ve learned about physically distancing and wellness at school at home.

One family said that their child wouldn’t share his playdough with both grandparents because “Only two friends can play in a group at a time!” Another family mentioned that their 3-year-old daughter asks to wash her hands as soon as she gets home to make sure that “all the germies are gone” before she plays with her dolls.

It is also important that families understand that as much as we acknowledge the benefits of physical distancing, there are limits to what can be achieved.  For instance, maintaining 6 feet of space between each child as they walk to the playground would require a group of 10 children to be spread out over 60 feet, which simply isn’t safe from the standpoint of supervision.

To learn more about how Educational Playcare has adjusted to the Coronavirus pandemic, or to help you and your child prepare for your return to Educational Playcare, visit our FAQ page.

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