How To Determine What Level of Book is Right for Your Child

How To Determine What Level of Book is Right for Your Child

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Right Book Level For Your ChildYour child isn’t going to become a great reader overnight; it happens one book at a time. It may feel like second nature to you to choose your child’s books for him or her, but allowing your children to choose their own books is a skill that they should learn at young age. By allowing your child to choose their own books independent of your input, you are allowing your child to experience the different reasons why we choose to read a book to read in the first place.

If your child has reached reading age, here are a few helpful tips to help him or her learn to choose books that will make them want to read more:

  • When your child is ready to start reading, begin instilling the fact that we read for a purpose – whether it’s too learn something or simply for enjoyment.
  • Have your child browse through the books either at the library or the bookstore. If this seems to be too overwhelming, then have them narrow down their choices by either a type of book (fiction or nonfiction), or by action, comedy, or another subject.
  • Say “yes” as often as you can when your child selects a book that he or she is interested in. Rather than just saying “no”, be honest with your child about whether the book is intended for older children or adults and that they can choose the book again when they are older.
  • If your child selects a book that is beyond his or her reading ability, solve the problem by reading the book out loud with your child. Let them read as much of the book as possible. You can always jump in if there are parts that are difficult for your child to read.
  • If your child has really enjoyed a particular book, remind him or her of the author’s name when they are selecting books the next time.
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