Safe Halloween Fun

Safe Halloween Fun

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Safe Halloween FunHalloween time can be one of the most exciting and fun times of year for children. Between decorating, making and eating treats, and of course dressing up and going trick or treating, children can’t wait to begin partaking in the festivities. Whether you’re going out to go trick-or-treating, or just passing out candy, Halloween can be one of the most fun nights of the year.

Even though the big night isn’t until the last day of the month, that doesn’t mean families can’t start celebrating sooner. If you haven’t already, start decorating for the big day. Children love to help out, so where possible, let them! Whether it’s hanging decorations or even busting out the craft box to make your own homemade décor, let the kids join in on the fun.

Another fun activity parents can do before Halloween comes is to carve or decorate pumpkins. There are so many different ways to decorate your pumpkins. You can carve funny faces, your child’s favorite character, or you can let them paint/color the pumpkin any way they want! We understand children love to get hands on and help their parents. Be sure children are only given tasks that are age appropriate. For example, do not let small children carve their own pumpkins. Instead, allow your child to draw the stencil of the face for the adult to carve and allow them to decorate the pumpkin with markers or paint afterwards. When it comes to lighting up those awesome pumpkins, instead of using a candle, use a flashlight or glow stick!

When the big day finally comes around, fun can be had whether you are staying in or going out! If you are going out to go trick or treating, whether it’s in a small group or a large group, families should talk with their children regarding their expectation of the evening. Ensure your children understand the ground rules and what your family’s game plan would be in case of an emergency. Remind your children to use crosswalks when crossing the street and to stay on sidewalks or on the side of the road if there isn’t a sidewalk. Young children should always be accompanied by an adult. The adults can also hang on to any electronic devices, so that children are not distracting when traveling from house to house.

If you’re staying in and hosting a Halloween party, there are a ton of fun activities you can do to keep young children entertained and safe. Young children who may not be quite up for strolling around the neighborhood, can still dress up and show off their costumes by helping the adults pass out candy. Families can also set up fun stations for children such as a Halloween theme slime station, a Halloween themed sensory table, or an arts and crafts station where children can make spooky decorations to hang up in their home for years to come! Be sure to check out our Pinterest page for more fun Halloween station ideas!

What fun and safe activities do you do with your family on Halloween?

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