Should Friendly Competition Among Children Be Encouraged?

Should Friendly Competition Among Children Be Encouraged?

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Should Friendly Competition Among Children Be Encouraged?Instilling a mentality of friendly competition among children is a good way to lead them down the path of being well-rounded individuals. A healthy dose of competition doesn’t only have to apply to being a better player in the sports arena; it can also apply to being a better business owner, a better employee, and a better person all around.

Healthy and friendly competition can be the basis of motivating children to exceed expectations that others have set for them or it can help them to surpass a level of proficiency that they felt they could not exceed. Many parents feel that young children can benefit from competition by participating in athletic events. Many experts disagree, citing that friendly competition taught at a young age, may teach children to successfully compete in the world as teenagers and ultimately as adults.

Again, competition doesn’t just apply to sports. When children learn how to compete in a friendly manner, they are learning to try their hardest, to discover new interests and abilities, to be proud of their accomplishments, and sometimes, to accept defeat graciously. These same values will carry over into their adult lives when they are competing for a new job or a promotion. By learning to compete as children, they are given a leg up on the competition who may not have had those same experiences.

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