Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring Cleaning TipsSpring has finally sprung and it is the perfect time to open the windows, roll up your sleeves and start spring cleaning! Before we start enjoying the outside as much as we can, tackle the inside of your house by cleaning and getting things back in order after a very long winter. From the children’s toys to documents and art projects – let’s get cleaning! Here are a few tips to keep your family organized and can help you save time.

  • Clear it out! Collect all the documents and papers you have throughout the house (including the junk drawer!) and organize them. Create separate piles so you know what is important and needs to be stored in a secure place like a safe, what can be filed, or what can be thrown away. For things like bills or your child’s paperwork that needs to be filled out and signed, find a central area in the house where you can store it and remind yourself to get those taken care of! For important documents, ensure you have a safe area for them to be stored. Though you need original documents for things like passports and registering for school, it is never a bad idea to make copies of these documents as well and keep them in a secondary location.
  • When cleaning our paperwork, don’t forget to clean out your children’s documents. This doesn’t mean you have to throw anything away. Sort through their artwork, essays, etc. and file them in a filing cabinet or storage container. If you wanted to get more creative, you can create a scrapbook or bound the pages to make a book of all their work for each year.
  • If you’re looking to minimize how much storage you have in your house, use technology. Scan and save documents to your computer, so they are stored in one place and can be easily accessed later on. It’s important to also save a backup on a flash drive. Browse your app store for your phone and see what organizational apps are available that would work best for your needs.
  • With holidays and birthdays, children can gather quite a collection of toys. Take a look at what your children have and determine what toys have been well loved and should be thrown away, which toys could be donated, and organize whatever toys you plan to keep. For older children, work with them to determine what they’d like to keep, throw away and donate to help them learn ways to give back to their community.

If you are also going to be cleaning your house – washing, dusting, vacuuming – be sure you are aware of how easily your children can get their hands on any cleaning products you use. Be sure they are kept in a cabinet or closet that has childproof locks or too high for your children to reach.

What spring cleaning tips would you suggest to other families?

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