Summer Staycations for Any Budget

Summer Staycations for Any Budget

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Summer Staycations for Any BudgetSummer is a very popular time of year for families to go on vacation. Unfortunately, despite how much a family would like to travel or visit a new location, it may not be feasible due to scheduling conflicts or cost. Thankfully, staycations are a great way for families to spend time together and enjoy fun adventures that fit within their schedules or budgets.

Staying home may not sound like the most exciting vacation, but there are many benefits to enjoying a summer staycation. For one, you save money. Even if you indulge a bit on spending for a few activities, you are likely spending a lot less than you would if you were to be traveling. Staying local also gives your family the opportunity to explore your area. Perhaps you will find new shops, restaurants, or hiking trails you didn’t know existed.

At Educational Playcare, all of our activities, family events, and field trips have one key ingredient: fun, which is why it is one of our Core Values. The key to having a great staycation is the same – ensuring the whole family is having fun together. Here are some great summer staycation ideas for families that will work for any budget:

  1. Explore the parks and trails in your area. Make the experience educational and try to learn something new about nature and what’s available in your area that may not be elsewhere.
  2. Check out your town’s calendar. During the summer, many towns host festivals, parades, carnivals, or family-geared events that are free. These events are fun and a great way to meet other local families.
  3. Build your own campground! If you have camping equipment, pitch tents right in your backyard and enjoy a night of camping with the whole family. This is also a great opportunity to stargaze if the sky is clear. If you don’t have camping equipment or a large enough space outside to camp out, create a campground inside! Families can get sleeping bags and blankets together and build forts right in the living room.
  4. If your family enjoys a sport, watch a pro team or even a local team game live in the stadium.
  5. Try something new and take a class the whole family can participate in such as a cooking or painting. This is a great opportunity for someone in the family to discover a new passion or skill.
  6. If you have your own pool or sprinkler, you don’t even need to leave the yard. Enjoy a day outside in the nice weather playing in the water. If you are looking for a change of scenery and are within traveling distance, spend the day at the beach.
  7. Since you aren’t spending money towards travel and hotel expenses, splurge on an activity you normally wouldn’t. Go out to a restaurant the whole family has been meaning to try or visit an amusement park or sporting event that you typically wouldn’t go to.

Here’s a bonus idea: Throughout your staycation, have each family member keep or create something that will help them remember their favorite part of the day. On the last day of your staycation, make a time capsule and put all the family’s souvenirs in it to look back on in the future and remember all the fun you had!

If you are going to enjoy a staycation with your family, as tempting as it may be to tackle the to-do list since you are home, this is not the time to do chores, run errands, or finish projects that you’ve put off. Staycations can be a fun and unique time to bond as a family, so use these little day trips and adventures to your advantage. Take the time to plan what you’ll be doing on your staycation, so you aren’t sitting around staring at each other instead of having fun!

What was the best staycation your family enjoyed?

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