Teaching Young Children Good Manners

The Importance of Teaching Young Children Good Manners

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The Importance of Teaching Young Children Good MannersIt’s no secret that raising children today is a tough job. With all of the influences they have in their lives, keeping them on the right path is never easy.

One area that will never be “out of style” when it comes to raising children is teaching them good manners. Children who are taught manners at a young age tend to grow up to be kinder, gentler, and more considerate of others than those who don’t.

The easiest way to begin teaching your children good manners is to lead by example. The easiest manners to teach include saying “please” and “thank you,” ensuring that you don’t interrupt others when they are speaking, and practicing good table manners. Table manners are especially important – not only for meals at home but for meals out as well. Being a consistently positive role model is important and keeping the rules the same across the board may prevent problems from arising.

Other good manners your children can learn:

  • Writing thank you notes
  • Making get-well cards for sick adults or friends
  • Saying hello and goodbye when appropriate (shy children might prefer to do so using sign language)
  • Sharing with and being kind to others

Your children watch you (and other adults) and mimic what they see. Again, the best way to teach good manners is to lead by example – not by a “do as I say not as I do” approach. Praise their good behavior every time they practice a form of good manners. Giving praise is a wonderful reinforcement for what you’re teaching – let your children know how proud of them you are.

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