The Benefits of Arts and Enrichment Programs at Childcare Centers

The Benefits of Arts and Enrichment Programs at Childcare Centers

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The Benefits of Arts and Enrichment Programs at Childcare CentersWhen researching high quality childcare centers there are many aspects to consider, but it is important that families pay close attention to the type of environment their child will be in during their time there and what kind of curriculum is followed. There should be opportunities for dramatic (pretend) play, creative art activities, building and construction activities, and opportunities to be read to, just to name the basics. At Educational Playcare, we believe arts and enrichments programs are integral to a high-quality early childhood curriculum, just like reading, writing, and math. Each week, our students participate in our Quack Pack Program which includes music, fitness, and yoga, and is led by our specially trained Quack Pack coaches.


Music and movement, one of the arts and enrichment programs offered at Educational Playcare, is not only fun, but is very beneficial for children. Children naturally enjoy music and will begin reacting to music at an early age. As they get older, their love of music will bring one of the most obvious benefits of children participating in music and movement:  the release of energy. When children take part in music and movement activities, they can have fun, be creative, and dance around which helps burn off some energy. When children participate in music and movement activities in a group, they also develop and refine their social skills. They learn to work as a team, they learn to share, and they learn how to be creative in a group environment.

Music and Movement programs also:

  • Develop small motor skills
  • Develop large motor skills
  • Encourage children express emotions
  • Improve balance and coordination


Our Fitness program offers children many different activities ranging from traditional sports such as football and volleyball, to imaginative dramatic play activities that use storytelling and props based on our EPiC Curriculum themes. This allows children to not only have multi-sensory experiences, but it also gives them the opportunity to enjoy positive social interactions with their peers by taking turns, working with a partner, and laughing together.

There are many more benefits to children participating in fitness programs including:

  • Controls weight and reduces risk of obesity
  • Strengthens muscles and bones
  • Improves energy levels
  • Promotes better sleep habits


At Educational Playcare, our yoga program promotes our Core Value, Wellness, by enabling children to enjoy life to the fullest by encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. Even young infants can benefit from yoga. Research shows that yoga helps babies to sleep better, relieves gas pains and colic, and helps digest food better.  Though babies will not be able to do the traditional yoga poses at first, they can participate in modified poses that support physical development such as lifting their heads through tummy time and parent/child bonding.

As your child grows and can participate in more traditional poses, you will see more benefits offered by doing yoga including:

  • Enhances body awareness and teaches present moment awareness
  • Increases self esteem
  • Maintains flexibility
  • Teaches discipline and responsibility

To learn more about our Quack Pack program and the other benefits of a high-quality childcare center, contact us today!

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