The Importance of Brain Injury Prevention

Importance of Brain Injury Prevention

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The Importance of Brain Injury PreventionBrain injuries can be caused by everyday incidents such as trampoline accidents and sports injuries. Whenever there is a possibility that a child may land on his or her head or neck, there is a possibility that it may result in a brain injury. At Educational Playcare, we take the safety and health of our students and families very seriously, which is why Wellness is one of our Core Values. Below are some ways that families can help prevent brain injury.

Many of these incidents can be prevented if parents make sure that their child wears a helmet anytime they are riding a bicycle, skateboard or scooter, or when skiing – whether it be in the snow or on the water. Pediatric brain injuries can also occur in otherwise non-serious automotive accidents when a child is restrained improperly. This is why it is so important to be sure that your child is in a car seat, booster seat, or other appropriate child restraint that is height and weight appropriate.

Getting your child to wear a helmet can be a real challenge when doing so is perceived to be “uncool”. One way to encourage them is to show them images of professional athletes who are wearing helmets while doing the same activities your child loves to do – cycling, skateboarding, and even skiing. Keep in mind that you are your child’s greatest role model so lead by example. Be sure to wear a helmet yourself whenever engaged in any of these activities and your child will be more likely to do so as well.

Even the smallest accident that involves a head injury can cause irreparable brain damage. Be sure to follow the same safety measures on a daily basis – no bicycling or skateboarding without a helmet and never go on a car ride without buckling up. Enforcing these rules from the beginning and being consistent will help instill these safety habits in your child long term.  Children in car seats, and booster seats should only ride in the back seats of cars where they are safe from air bags, should they be deployed. Again, lead by example by ensuring that whenever you are in a moving vehicle, your seatbelt is properly buckled.

Brain injury is a common problem with young children, but a problem that can be avoided when caregivers take a few preventative measures.

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