Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start This Year

Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start This Year

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Valentine’s Day Traditions to Start This YearValentine’s Day isn’t just about fancy dinners, chocolates, and roses. It’s a day that should be spent expressing your love for others and taking extra time out of your day to make them feel special. For children, Valentine’s Day can be very exciting, especially when they know each year their family does fun activities together. When a family begins a yearly tradition – even something as simple as filling out Valentine’s Day cards together– they are not only making the day enjoyable and memorable for their children, they are helping their children learn ways to express their feelings.

Here are six fun Valentine’s Day traditions you can start this year:

  1. Send Valentines to each other: Take time to send Valentine’s Day cards or notes to every family in the house. To make this tradition even more fun, break out the arts and crafts supplies so your children can make homemade mailboxes. Have them create one for each family member to hang on or outside their bedroom doors so that the family can deliver their special Valentine’s Day messages to them.
  1. Cook or bake together: Everyday cooking can be much easier when the adults just take care of it, but Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse to finally let your children help out. Find a recipe that is on the easier side and give them age appropriate tasks. If you rather satisfy your sweet tooth or you have to bake for your child’s class the next day, let the kids help with baking the desserts, such as shaping the cookies or decorating your delicious treats. Getting the whole family involved will make this activity even more fun.
  1. Love notes on the door: Starting February first, cut out big hearts from different color construction paper and each day leading up to Valentine’s Day write on a heart one thing you love about your child and tape it to their bedroom door. Your child will love waking up in the morning or going to bed at night to find these sweet messages.
  1. Spread the love: Making others feel loved and appreciated does not have to stay within your family. A great tradition to start this year would be to “spread the love”. Have your children make extra valentines that they can pass out to their mailman, teachers, friend’s parents, or whoever they feel could really use a little Valentine’s Day pick-me-up. This is tradition will help your children learn about compassion and being kind to others, even strangers.
  1. Eat dinner as a family: This may sound like a silly tradition, but for some families eating dinner together can be a rare event at their house. Whether it is because one family member works too late, or that the adults are too busy to actually sit down and enjoy the meal, make an honest effort to have the entire family enjoy a meal together. Though your children may understand why family dinners don’t happen often, they will love and appreciate this tradition.
  1. Arts and crafts: There is so much a family can do when it comes to arts and crafts and Valentine’s Day. Each year, spend time making homemade presents for people in your family or your child’s teacher. In addition, every year have each child make a special Valentine’s Day decoration or two that will be hung up throughout the house. As the years go by, you will have plenty of homemade decorations and memories filling the house up for the special holiday!

What are your favorite family Valentine’s Day traditions?

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