Winter Staycation Ideas

Winter Staycation Ideas

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Winter Staycation IdeasIf you’re dreaming of warmer weather and long for a getaway but it just isn’t in the budget, staying at home may not sound like the most exciting of vacations, but there are plenty of benefits to a winter-time staycation:

  • You save money – a lot of money
  • You get the opportunity to learn more about your area
  • There’s no packing and unpacking
  • The money you spend stays local, which helps support the local economy

A staycation is not the time to do chores, run errands or finish projects that you’ve put off.

Try these instead:

  • Explore the parks and trails in your area. Are they snow covered? Try snow-shoeing or learn to cross country ski!
  • Visit your local museums and historical societies. They can be found just about anywhere. You might be surprised at how many times you say “Hey, I didn’t know that!” when it comes to your local area.
  • Try some new recipes while cooking together as a family. Make a gourmet meal or try your hand at a new exotic dish.
  • Dust off your ice skates and find a rink!
  • Take on some indoor fun like bowling or indoor miniature golf. Older children might like laser tag!
  • Professional sporting events are fun but can be very expensive, especially if you have a large family. Try a semi-pro team or even a local high school game. And remember –there’s nothing like the view from the cheap seats!

Staycations can be a fun and unique time to bond as a family, so use these little day trips to your advantage. Take the time to plan what you’ll be doing on your staycation so you aren’t sitting around staring at each other instead of having fun!

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