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Educational Playcare Avon
144 Simsbury Road, Suite 7D
Avon, CT 06001

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Area Director: Erin Kubran - bio - email
Center Director: Al Coxon - bio - email
Center Assistant Director: Kaley Dehm - bio - email

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Preschool and Child Care in Avon
Also Serving Families in Canton & Surrounding Communities


Educational Playcare opened its first center in Avon in 1986. This is the building that currently houses the older toddlers. The Avon center consists of four buildings in the Riverdale Farms Shopping center, only minutes from Rt. 10 on the Avon/Simsbury border. In 1995, we expanded to the entire first floor of the adjacent building where currently our preschool programs are. In 2001 we took over "The Big Red Barn," a huge building we use for school age programs and summer Camp. We expanded again in 2013 and moved our infants and one-year-olds into a state of the art facility that was previously occupied by the Little Gym. In addition, we completely remodeled our original building, expanding the classrooms for our two-year-olds, and adding indoor playgrounds and staff resource areas as well.

As you drive in to the shopping center, you will notice that Educational Playcare is spread out, occupying several buildings. This provides us with ample parking space for our parents and visitors. Each building is divided according to age group. All buildings have been remodeled with every conceivable childcare benefit in mind.
Building 19 in the shopping center is a white building that holds our infant and younger toddler programs. As you walk towards this building you will notice the five outdoor playgrounds we have, especially designed for this age range. You will also notice the red buggies, which our children absolutely love, lined up outside the center.

Building 7 is a large brown building that comprises our older toddler program. To the right, only a few steps away are our preschool programs in Building 8. This light brown building has four classrooms. Each building has its own playgrounds with plenty of space for children to play, with multiple playscapes, and activity centers.

As you walk further to the left of the shopping center, you will arrive at the "The Big Red Barn." This is Building 10. This building was originally part of the farm and still maintains its barn structure on the outside. Our school age programs and summer camp use this building for multiple activities, both indoors and outdoors.


As there are multiple buildings and many entrances, we spare no measures to ensure the safety and security of our centers. Each entranceway is secured by a pin-activated security system, ensuring that only our families and staff can enter the building unassisted. In addition, each classroom has at least one camera which allows our Directors to continuously monitor activities throughout the center. We also have video surveillance outside the centers for security purposes.

Interior Features

There's just so much to tell! The infant and younger toddler facility (Building 19) consists of eight classrooms (four for each age group). As you walk in, you will be welcomed by a colorful lobby. While your child enjoys watching the fish in our aquarium, you can help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea. You will also notice that space is provided for you to leave your child’s car seat or carrier for added convenience.

Across the parking lot is our older toddler programs' building. The entrance of this facility opens into a colorful and bright reception area where you will be greeted by our Directors and offered a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. You and your child can also enjoy the serenity of the giant fish in our aquarium on the left of the reception area. This building has five classrooms and an indoor play area, which allows for active play on days when the weather does not permit outdoor activities.

A few steps from the older toddler programs' facility is our preschool programs building. This building has four large colorful classrooms. All rooms throughout the center have low, wide windows to keep the classrooms looking bright and to provide the children with a view of the outdoors. This building also has a massive indoor play area which consists of multiple activity stations and even a sand box! All of our preschool classrooms are generously sized, providing much more than the minimum state requirements in Connecticut. Each classroom is divided into activity centers focusing upon specific areas, such as math, sciences, music, construction, literacy, and dramatic play. All of these centers are available to children throughout the day.

Lastly, we have our school age and summer camp facility in Building 10- the "Big Red Barn." As you enter, the first thing you will notice is the sheer size of the space. There are many large tables which provide the children with space to interact with their friends in large groups. There is also a quiet reading loft and even a homework room! There is also space for large active activities such as visiting with special guests, working on science projects, and playing active indoor games.

Upstairs, you’ll find a fully stocked art studio with every art supply imaginable and another classroom with activity centers such as construction, creative art, science, mathematics, language and literacy, and more!

Exterior Features

As you drive in to the Riverdale Farms Shopping Center, the first thing you will notice are the Educational Playcare signs and our colorful and huge outdoor playgrounds, spread all over the plaza. All our playgrounds are specifically designed for each age group, and they are unbelievable! With multiple playscapes, a huge wooden climber in the shape of a boat, an inflatable bounce house, and much, much more, children have plenty to do outdoors!

Even our infants and young toddlers have a specifically designed play area just outside of the Infant and toddler programs building. There are five playgrounds that are designed for young children who are either still crawling or learning to walk.

The huge playground linking our original two buildings has many pieces of play equipment, including our giant, signature wooden boat and an inflatable bounce house that the kids love! Besides the climbing equipment, riding toys, and abundant running space, our children also frequently participate in special outdoor activities such as water-play, picnic snacks, and science and art projects. We also use the entire front of our school-age building for outdoor play, games, and cookouts. We're only a one-minute walk from the athletic fields, which we use for instructional sports and games, as well as nature trails that abut the fields.

If you’re new to the area, follow this link to local town offices, schools, and more!

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