Kate Dowd, Assistant Director (Cheshire)

Kate began working in Early Childhood Education in 2007 as a floater in a small preschool program where she developed her passion for the early childhood field. In 2009, she graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University with a bachelor's degree in English. Upon graduation, she began her career as a lead teacher in a school readiness program for eight years before she joined Educational Playcare!

Kate enjoys traveling, sunny days at the beach, and quality time with her family. She loves visiting the world’s top beaches and appreciating the quiet, serene sound of the ocean and the salty air – there is nothing more relaxing to her than just that.

What Kate loves most about working at Educational Playcare is the quality relationships you develop with the families and children within the center. Developing and maintaining positive, secure, and loving relationships with each child is essential for their development and success in the classroom and future overall.

Kate is excited to be joining the Cheshire team and looks forward to getting to know everyone and be a part of the community.

Email: [email protected]