Keshia Gregory , Director (Redding)

Keshia has been in the field of Early Childhood Education since 2006 and she has worked with every age group along the way. She has also served as a Sensory Motor Coach doing biofeedback with children with atypical behaviors.  Keshia has been an administrator in the field since 2018.

Keshia earned a state of Connecticut Head Teacher Certification, studied Behavioral Science at the associate level, and is currently finishing her bachelor's degree in Psychology at UB.

Keshia has a son who attends Educational Playcare, and says she enjoys being a Center Director since it gives her the opportunity to nurture many children during the day while ensuring they receive the best high-quality program, preparing them for a successful journey throughout school and life!

In her free time, Keshia enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, and exploring nature.

Email: [email protected]