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Educational Playcare Simsbury
1 St. John's Place
Simsbury, CT 06070

For More Information: 860-651-9339
Fax: 860-955-2432
Hours: 6:30 am - 6 pm

Area Director: Erin Kubran - bio - email
Center Director: Elizabeth Marek - bio - email
Assistant Center Director: Michala Allen - bio - email

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Preschool and Child Care in Simsbury
Also Serving Families in Granby, East Granby & Surrounding Communities


Educational Playcare’s school in Simsbury opened its doors on St. Johns Place in 2007. The center is situated on the corner of Rt. 10 and Rt. 315, making it a convenient location for nearby residents of Simsbury and Granby and for people who drive through Simsbury on their way to work. Part of this now state-of-the-art facility was once a church, as evidenced by the beautiful stained glass window in our enormous indoor play area.

We have been NAEYC Accredited at this location since 2010 and meet all the standards of a high quality center ideal for a child’s early development. It’s a spacious, two-story facility with more than 15 generously-sized classrooms. Outside, the five large playgrounds provide an extensive play area for the children, providing them with ample space to enjoy the outdoors while developing their large muscle skills.

Exterior Features

As you drive in to our parking lot, you will notice there are plenty of parking spaces for our parents, providing easy access to our main entrance for stress-free drop-off and pick-up. Our main entrance is flanked by two huge stone frogs. You might also notice the duck-shaped weather vane up on the roof. Our absolute favorite outdoor feature though is the koi pond, complete with a waterfall. You and your children are welcome to sit by it and enjoy.

Our outdoor play areas are unbelievable! We have five playgrounds, delineated by age group. There are playscapes, sand boxes, slides and swings, a huge pirate ship, and an inflatable bounce house just to name a few of our amenities. There is plenty of shade as well under the many trees of our preschool playground and under the canopies of our infant and toddler play areas.


Our school’s entranceway is secured by a pin-activated security system. The outdoor play area doors also have the same security feature. Each family is provided with a unique pin code in order to enter the front entrance of the facility. This has been implemented to ensure maximum security and safety of the children. In addition, each classroom has at least one security camera, allowing our Directors to continuously monitor activities throughout the center. We even have “panic buttons” that alert the police in the event of an emergency with just the quick press of a button.

Interior Features

As you walk in, you will enter our spacious and bright lobby with features that encourage children to look forward to coming in to school each day. A slideshow of photos from the day’s events (pulled from our daily reporting app) and the soothing music in our lobby create a calm and pleasant atmosphere that parents, children, and teachers find delightful.

Once you are in the lobby, our Director or Assistant Director will always be there to greet you and offer you a complimentary cup of coffee or tea in our huge old English phone booth. We also provide storage area for infant carriers and car seats by the reception area.

On either side of the front desk, hallways extend outward providing access to classrooms. To the left are our infant and younger toddler classrooms and to the right are our older toddlers and school age classrooms as well as stairs and an elevator to our second floor which houses our preschoolers.

Each infant and toddler classroom is designed to exceed the needs of each age group both in space, and in features. One consistent feature are the massive windows on both the inside and outside of each room, providing plenty of sunlight and a great view. Each door has a glass window as well, allowing teachers and parents to be sure that no child is behind a door as they are opened or closed.

As you walk toward the end of the infant/toddler hallway, you will see our ZONO machine, an eco-friendly sanitizing system which allows us to sanitize materials and equipment that other centers can’t such as electronics, art materials, and even children’s car seats. Also at this end of the hall is our enormous indoor play room for our preschoolers and school age children. It allows our students a place to play even when the weather won’t allow for access to our playgrounds. The play room has a sandbox, two climbers, a clubhouse, and plenty of space for teachers to bring other materials such as indoor basketball, soccer, or hockey. There’s also a loft in this room which our preschoolers use for their arts and enrichment classes.

Down the other hallway, you’ll find our older toddler classrooms as well as another indoor playroom for our toddlers which they affectionately call the "Ball Room," due to the large ball pit. Also in this hallway are our school age classrooms. School agers have a large classroom which provides ample space for doing activities but they also have a dedicated homework room and an art studio.

Our preschool classrooms are on the second floor and whether you take the stairs or the elevator, you’ll be greeted by the smiling faces of children on the walls along the way. Each of our preschool classrooms is significantly oversized, providing much more than the minimum requirements for Connecticut classrooms. Each one is divided into activity centers that include science, math, music, movement, construction, literacy, and dramatic play. All of these centers are available to children throughout each day.

If you’re new to the area, follow this link to local town offices, schools, and more!

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NAEYC accredited child care in Simsbury, CT

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