Remote Learning Support

As you no doubt know, the return to public school has been a complex challenge for many students and their families this year. In order to support families during this unique time, we are offering remote learning support for school-age children at many of our schools. The goal is to keep children connected and on track academically through these unprecedented times. There is more information below. The cost of this program is the same as our regular preschool rate and flexible schedules are available based on the public school calendar. If you are interested, please give us a call or click on “Contact Us” to let us know.

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Parent Support
  • Schedules to be provided to teachers by parents
  • Any additional access or guidelines for online classes/sessions
  • Papers, worksheets, assignments
  • Consistent communication with families to update progression
  • Morning and afternoon snacks provided, and lunch for centres with a kitchen
Teacher Support
  • Responsive educators with relevant training
  • Understand relevant remote learning platforms
  • Support children in their remote learning sessions and assist them with time management
  • Recognize when children need to break and recharge
Classroom Support
  • Remote session support
  • Smaller group opportunities to facilitate support
  • Individual remote learning balanced while fostering leadership, independence, and collaboration
  • Additional daily activities embedded to foster social-emotional health, peer relationships, and physical literacy
Environment Support
  • Access to WIFI
  • Work spaces to help support multiple activities
  • Quiet areas separated to manage physical distancing
  • Areas sanitized between uses
Supporting Physical Distancing
  • Strict sanitation practices
  • Floor markings, visual cues, limitation cards, etc.
  • Strict health and hygiene practices
  • Clear interaction guidelines
  • Intentional instruction to empower children to pursue guidelines
  • Alena Eastman

    Since COVID-19 and some schools going to remote learning in the fall, Educational Playcare was able to get both our girls into their new program in which a teacher proctored their online learning during the day. We felt relieved that we could still work and our girls continued to learn with guidance.

  • Maria Varela

    With COVID-19 and hybrid school schedules, I was able to put my 7 year old daughter into a hybrid program with Educational Playcare. They provided the care we were in need of, while doing it safely in my opinion. My daughter was able to have her tablet there and take any distant learning classes at the leisure of her schedule. It was super convenient to be able to pick up and drop off both kids together. I highly recommend Educational Playcare.

  • Brian Park

    My son attended the hybrid school-age program at Educational Playcare’s Farmington location. Both myself and my wife work very full time jobs and could not have kept our child home during our son’s hybrid learning weeks. Their hours are great as we frequently need the longer hours provided in order to get through our work days. [The teacher] was an amazing resource for us as she kept on top of his daily schedule as far as class meetings and his work load. She communicated important items to us such as the public school’s technical difficulties, school items due, etc. The class was well run, clean, spacious, and followed all the necessary COVID-19 procedures such as mask-wearing and social distancing. The other aspect was that my son (who thrives with people) was able to socialize with peers rather than stay home in front of his screens all day. They have a large playground, toys, books, games, and other activities throughout the day for his before/after school hours and additional breaks throughout the day. The school itself is warm, inviting, and all the staff are welcoming and friendly. We could not have made it through distance learning without the help of Educational Playcare!

  • Christie Stahlke

    We cannot overstate how much we love Educational Playcare! [The teacher] artfully handled kids from varying grades with varying schedules and technologies, providing them one-on-one attention to make sure they completed work on time. Educational Playcare also offered an additional “Read With Me” program to provide even more individual and tailored instruction, which we appreciated. If our district ends up hybrid or virtual again, we will be running back to Educational Playcare!